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Are you looking for an efficient personal trainer who can offer training in Jail Fit training? If you’re in or around Merseyside, get in touch with The Boulevard group for more information.

High intensity training

Jail Fit is a form of training that focuses on using your own body weight in individual or small group sessions. It is a new American styled fitness concept, which uses your own body weight combined with other techniques to enable you to tone up, lose weight and become fit and healthy. It is an effective method to improve your fitness, health and is a new concept. We are the first Jail Fit trainers in the UK.
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Why choose Jail Fit training?

  • Great fun
  • New and different to any exercise call you've done before
  • Teaches you how to exercise without specialised equipment or a gym 
  • Improves fitness
  • Personalised attention
  • one-on-one training
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Healthy nutrition and diet advice

We also provide nutrition plans and diet advice. The Boulevard group is based on Merseyside and provides services throughout the surrounding areas. Contact a member of our team for more information.
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